Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Node.js for Mac


1. Install NVM (Node.js Version Manager)
   1.1. Add "source $(brew --prefix nvm)/" to ~/.bash_profile
   1.2. Source ~/.bash_profile

2. Install Node.js
   2.1. List available versions by "nvm ls-remote"
   2.2. Install the LTS by "nvm install v6.9.2"

Node.js directory: /usr/local/opt/nvm/versions/node/vX.X.X
Installed versions: nvm ls
Current in use version: nvm -v
To switch version: nvm use vX.X.X (only valid for current shell). To fix it, set it as default version to use: nvm alias default vX.X.X

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Check clients which connect to Mac OS X Wi-Fi Internet Sharing

arp -i bridge100 -a bridge100 may be different on your Mac OSX