Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Install Gitosis on CentOS for multiple developers

Install Gitosis

   1. Download Gitosis from https://github.com/tv42/gitosis (or git clone git://eagain.net/gitosis )
   2. Install it by
       cd gitosis
       python setup.py install
       If you get errors, try yum install python-setuptools

Generate SSH public/private key (If you don't have one)

   1. To generate a public/private key, run
       ssh-keygen -t rsa
   2. The newly generated public key will be at $Home/.ssh/ directory and named id_rsa.pub. Private key will be named id_rsa.
   3. Upload your public key to server's /tmp directory
       scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub username@SERVER_IP_ADDRESS:/tmp/YourPublicKey.pub

Configure Gitosis

   1. Create a user to own the repositories, usually called git
       adduser git
   2. Create the repository and add YourPublicKey into authorized keys
       sudo -H -u git gitosis-init < /tmp/YourPublicKey.pub

Configure the permissions

   1. To configure who can access to your repositories, clone gitosis-admin first and then edit gitosis.conf in gitosis-admin directory
       git clone git@SERVER_IP_ADDRESS:gitosis-admin.git
       cd gitosis-admin
       vi gitosis.conf
   2. Add a repository, TestProject, and make user Howard has full access to it.
       [New group]
       members = Howard
       writable = TestProject
   3. Get Howard's public key, Howard.pub, from Howard and put it into keydir of gitosis-admin
       cp Howard.pub keydir
   4. Once done, commit it and push to remote server.
       git commit -m "Give Howard full access to TestProject"
       git push

Create the repository TestProject

   1. User Howard creates the TestProject, initialize it and push it to remote server
       mkdir TestProject
       cd TestProject
       git init
       git remote add originServer git@SERVER_IP_ADDRESS:TestProject.git
       // create files, git add . and commit
       git add .
       git commit -m "Initial commit"
       git push originServer master:refs/heads/master
   2. Now TestProject is created and available on server
   3. To allow user Sibo accessing TestProject, edit gitosis.conf of gitosis-admin and add Sibo to members of [New group] and put Sibo's public key into keydir of gitosis-admin
   4. Commit it and push it remote server and now Sibo will be able to clone TestProject from remote server
       [@Sibo Local]
       git clone git@SERVER_IP_ADDRESS:TestProject.git

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